Advanced Broken Bones & Fracture Care to Get You Back to Routine!
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Broken Bones / Fracture Care

Using your arms and wrists to catch yourself is a natural reaction when you fall forward or backward. In some instances, falls can result in fractures (broken bones). After a fracture occurs, you need to visit an orthopedic specialist immediately to set the broken bones or bone properly. At Montgomery Medical Clinic, we cater to individuals with all types of broken bones in Gaithersburg, MD. From stress fractures to compound fractures, there’s nothing that our team hasn’t seen or repaired before. You can also count on us for complete, personalized sprain care.

Broken Bones / Fracture Care in Gaithersburg

When to Visit an Orthopedic Doctor


Your skeleton is composed of bones, many of which protect your organs. Did you know that you’re born with 270 soft bones? The number decreases to 206 as you grow older, as some fuse together over time. As well, bones harden over time and become more rigid.

When your bone is forced beyond the breaking point, it fractures. In some instances, the bone may not fracture the entire way through, while in other cases, bones can actually shatter. The severity of the break is based on the force. Typically, a fracture occurs when the force on the bone exceeds the bone’s strength.

The most common causes include:

  • Direct Force—Falls, Automobile Accidents, & Collisions While Participating in Sports
  • Overuse—Athletics
  • Osteoporosis—Bones become Fragile & Break Easily

Complete Broken Bone / Fracture Care


Though strong, bones can only take a certain amount of force before they break (fracture). When a break occurs, you will know. You may hear a cracking noise, experience swelling and pain, and/or have a deformed limb. Once broken, bones begin to heal themselves almost immediately; however, it will need the care of broken bone doctor to ensure it heals fully and correctly. Backed by more than 50 years of combined experience, our team has extensive experience in the art of setting bones and treating fractures, both simple (closed) and compound (open). Broken bone care and treatments vary, based on the type of fracture, which include:

  • Greenstick—When Bone Is Bent
  • Oblique—When Break Has Curved or Sloped Pattern
  • Comminuted—When Bone Breaks in Multiple Places
  • Stress Fracture—Hairline Crack

  • Transverse—Fracture Is at a Right Angle to the Length of the Bone
  • Buckled (Impacted)—When Bone’s Ends Are Driven into Each Other
  • Pathologic—Caused by Disease That Weakens Bones