Our Nutrition + Wellness Staff - Montgomery Medical Clinic
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Our Nutrition + Wellness Staff

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Eliana Sanabria, BCNS, LDN


I earned my first Bachelor degree in Pharmacy
from Santa Maria University in Venezuela. Upon completion of my first degree, I moved to United States and worked in the pharmacy field for a few years. It did not take me long to realize the need and the lack of information from the general population
about managing their disease through lifestyle and nutrition. Thus, I decided to return to school and further my education by pursuing my passion in nutrition at the
Maryland University of Integrative Health. I graduated with a
Master’s degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health, then obtained the Certification
Examinations for Nutrition Specialists (BCNS) and
Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist
(LDN) so that I could help others navigate their own health, nutrition, and wellness. Thus, my purpose is to share reputable scientific information in a simplified format and to teach others how to use food as medicine.

I personally believed that there has to be a balanced approach to health and wellness between conventional and functional medicine.