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Primary Care Clinic in Gaithersburg, MD
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Primary Care Clinic

About our Primary Care Clinic


Like many individuals, you may think that you do not need to visit a doctor unless you feel under the weather. When you do fall ill, you probably think going to a local walk-in clinic for a treatment is the better option financially. While walk-in clinics are convenient for treatments of minor problems, they aren’t always equipped to handle all medical needs. Make one of the caring doctors from the Montgomery Medical Clinic your primary care physician in Gaithersburg, MD, and we will provide you with a level of care you’ve never experienced before.

A Local Primary Care Clinic


You’re healthy. You’re busy. You’re young. You just don’t have time to visit a primary care physician. The excuses seem endless. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a primary care doctor to schedule a plethora of lab tests and blood work to determine if you have a chronic condition or ailment. You need a PCP to help you stay healthy as you age.

A healthier, longer life can be yours when you choose the right physician and primary care clinic, but who do you choose to care for you and your family’s health care requirements now and in the future? There are many primary care physicians in the area, making it difficult to find one who will go the extra mile to keep you healthy.

We will act as your health care partner, helping you to achieve your long-term and short-term goals. As well, we keep records of your medical history, which alleviates your burden.

Primary Care Clinic

Available for Regular & Emergency Primary Care


As your source for regular health care services and emergency primary care services, our team will do much more than provide you with annual exams and medical treatments. Your doctor is your first line of defense in getting and staying healthy. The team from our primary care clinic provides a wide array of services to help you along the way, including annual physical exams. Regular exams are essential to detect health problems before they become major, learn tools to eliminate unhealthy behaviors, keep your medical records up to date, and build a long-lasting doctor-patient relationship. We also offer:

Do you need medical attention from your PCP right away? Never fear, as our clinic employs emergency primary care professionals, who are available seven days a week to provide you with health care services when you need them!