Montgomery Medical Clinic | Need a Pre-Employment Physical? Book your Pre-Employment Physical today!
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Pre-Employment Physicals

Today, more companies require new employees to undergo a physical exam before beginning the job, as it ensures that new hires can perform their jobs properly. Employment physicals are integral for certain lines of work. When companies require pre-employment physicals in Gaithersburg, MD, they send their potential employees to Montgomery Medical Clinic. Our walk-in clinic not only provides these vital employment screenings, but we are also DOT registered and certified to complete DOT screenings, too. Sports physicals are also available for school students.

Employment Physicals Are a Must for Many


Employers work tirelessly to protect themselves from workers compensation issues. That’s why many companies request potential workers, who have been offered a job, to undergo pre-employment physicals.

All pre-employment screenings begin with basic checkups and vital sign measurements, including your weight, blood pressure, pulse, and temperature. We will also ask you about medications you are currently taking. Some medicines have side effects like drowsiness, which will prevent you to perform your duties properly. If you will be operating heavy machinery, this can even be a major workplace hazard!

Screenings also include a physical exam. Our primary care physician will check your reflexes, joint health, respiratory function, heart health, pupil dilation, and hearing. While this exam may seem unimportant, it provides our doctor with an accurate assessment of your overall health. Please keep in mind that pre-employment physicals can vary based on your age, gender, conditions, or illnesses.

What to Expect When You Choose Us for Employment Screenings


When it comes to assessing your overall health for a job, you need to go to the right professional. Look no further than our clinic for employment screenings. Here, we make it our goal to provide you with a thorough evaluation to comply with your employer’s request, so you can begin your new job as quickly as possible. As well, we will let you know of any possible medical conditions or health care concerns, such as diabetes and high cholesterol, we have detected, so you can seek treatment to improve your health and wellness.