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Dermatology Services Review: Medical and Cosmetic


Dermatology Services Review: Medical and Cosmetic

This guest post was written by one of Montgomery Medical Clinic’s own patients, Jessica McFadden. 

Parents in the Washington, DC area are truly the best. And so accomplished! Our fellow parent neighbors who we see wrangling their kids at the pool and pushing packed grocery carts next to ours are often complete rock stars in their fields.

Take my good friend Dr. Sara Brooks, Montgomery Medical Clinic’s Board Certified Dermatologist. Dr. Brooks and I live in the same neighborhood, her four children attend the same schools and sports activities as my three, and she is always there to help with a kid pick up or community volunteer activity. She is also one of the DC’s areas top dermatologists, leading the lists published by The Washingtonian and elsewhere every year. When worried parents post on our local list serv about that weird growth or rash on their child, Dr. Brooks is readily available with her calming expertise.

As the McFaddens are a freckled, many moled, eczemaed, skin rash-prone and sun-damaged family, knowing that we can go to Dr. Brooks for skin checks and dermatology services is a huge blessing. Her bedside manner to my children, husband and myself is second to none. She has checked our bodies, treated rashes and plantar warts. In fact, our entire family also sees her husband Dr. Efi Kessous, Montgomery Medical Clinic’s board-certified primary and urgent care doctor as our family physician, too!

And admittedly, as a forty-two year old woman with the high, furrowed forehead and deep-set, heavy lidded eyes of my Eastern European ancestors, it’s good to know someone who gives good Botox.

For the past year or so I have been embracing Botox about twice a year at the trustworthy hands of Dr. Brooks. The results are subtle and effective. My deep forehead lines are mostly gone so I look improved but natural. My two angry wrinkles between my eyes are smoothed. My eyelids are raised to thirty-something levels and no longer rest on top of my lashes, smearing my eyeliner everywhere. My eyebrows are natural, lightly lifted but not oddly surprised. My face is still expressive. Nothing is scarily frozen. I look better but completely like me.

I guarantee that if I didn’t tell everyone I know in person (and here on the Internet) that I am a fan of Botox, you would have no idea. It doesn’t change my face, it just turns back the clock a few years to how my face used to look.

When I use the term “Botox” I am referring to the cosmetic injecting of the botulinum toxin (BTX) – most common commercial name Botox – into the face to cause temporary paralysis of wrinkles and areas that show facial aging. An expert such as Dr. Brooks knows exactly where and how to inject to achieve an improved, younger appearance. The injections are painless, as the very thin needle produces just a tiny pinch. The injected Botox’s freezing effects last three months or more, depending upon each individual and their goals. I personally like a pretty natural look, so twice a year works for me. The impermanent results take a few weeks to take hold after you receive injections, and then slowly loosen back to your natural facial state over time.


I highly recommend dermatologist Dr. Sara Brooks of Montgomery Medical Clinic for all your dermatology needs — medical or cosmetic. She is the dermatologist who treats my beloved children, husband and the rest of my skin (in addition to my accordion of a forehead).

Montgomery Medical Clinic also offers

urgent and primary care services
sports medicine
physical therapy
and various occupational health services

I know all three of the medical doctors in this practice and enthusiastically recommend them.

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