Montgomery Medical Clinic | Book a sports physical before begining a new sport or season - Keep fit and healthy!
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Sports Physicals

Participating in sports keeps you active and, therefore, keeps kids fit and healthy!


Sports also provide child and teen athletes with the opportunity to make friends and socialize. To participate in a sport, athletes are required to take school sports physicals. Few parents and athletes understand the importance of these essential evaluations.

When your kids need comprehensive sports physicals in Gaithersburg, MD, there is no better place to go than Montgomery Medical Clinic.

We also offer a variety of other services to keep your athlete in good health year after year, including:

Why Are School Sports Physicals So Important?


“Why does my child need a physical to participate in a school sport? He or she is young and healthy.” Many parents are unsure why athletes are required to get sports physical. These assessments, also known as preparticipation physical examinations (PPEs), are thorough evaluations that help to determine if it’s safe for your child to partake in a certain sport.

Today, schools across the country actually require that athletes get elementary, middle, or high school sports physicals before they can begin a new sport or season. There are some states where PPEs are not a requirement; however, our sports physical clinic highly recommends scheduling one anyway. Our sports physical doctor will assess a school athlete’s overall health, as well as determine his or her risk for serious harm. School sports physicals also provide us with an opportunity to educate parents, athletes, and child guardians about the many benefits and risks associated with participating in a sport.

Sports Physicals

What Is Included in High School Sports Physicals?


There is much more to a physical for school than a checkup. The sports physical for school is an in-depth assessment of the athlete’s medical history and physical exam. During the exam, we:

  • Record Height & Weight
  • Measure Vitals, including Blood Pressure & Pulse
  • Evaluate Posture, Joints, Strength, & Flexibility
  • Assess Heart, Lungs, Abdomen, Ears, Nose, & Throat
  • Test Vision

Once the exam is complete, we will go over the results with you. So long as everything checks out, we will sign the necessary paperwork that gives your athlete the go ahead to participate in a sport. In some instances, our sports physical doctor may request a follow-up exam or additional tests for further evaluation.